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Chinese Lantern Festival Outing

December 25, 2015

Being back in North Carolina has its advantages this time of the year. One being that December isn’t freezing cold with lake effect snow flying all around; and two, having to bundle up like Ralphy’s brother in The Christmas Story just to go outside.

Nope, December in North Carolina may be chilly at night but nothing that a jacket and cup of hot cocoa can’t fix. One thing for sure you can still enjoy outdoor outings. Continue Reading…


Fall 2014 Color in Upstate New York

September 30, 2014

Fall seems to be arriving again here in up state New York. One thing that has been hard to get used to is how fast the seasons go by. It seems Spring, Summer, and Fall fall into a six month period and well Winter takes up the other six months.

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Fall 2012 Color in Upstate New York

October 24, 2012

This year the colors are far more brilliant than last. These pictures were taken in my yard. With all the spruce trees it really helps to make the color pop. We have many maple trees on our property so we end up with a very colorful bright yard. Hope you enjoy!