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A Year of Quilts

January 7, 2017
quilts 011

2016 was probably my busiest quilt making year since I first started 3 years ago. I have made 13 quilts. I enjoy being inspired by an idea and just going with it in my own creative way.  I thought I would share each of them with you…

Quilt I made for my daughters birthday …




How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I made two of these one for each of my girls.



April Showers using vintage fabrics that I love to work with.


quilts 011


Christmas Village which is paper piecing and appliqué. Here is a picture before quilting…


quilts 029


Fourth of July Picnic Quilt…


quilts 038



Go fly a kite again using vintage fabrics …


quilts 014


Animal ABC’s using a panel cut down to make individual squares…


quilts 027


quilts 028


Beth, Brittney, and Bear – all hand embroidery and a few squares I designed myself. I plan to have this hand quilted as it will be a family heirloom.


quilts 036


And here is a zebra baby quilt for the cutest newborn little girl named Evie…



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