A Royal Birthday Tea Party

July 14, 2006

Who doesn’t love the royal treatment once in a while? That’s exactly what I gave my client’s daughter for her third birthday. We went all out to give this precious little princess a birthday she will never forget!

“Hear ye, Hear ye! Her Royal Highness Princess Mary Edith requests your presence at a Royal Tea Party to celebrate the Third Year of her Birth!”

At my company (The Gingham Patch) we offer several different Tea Party themes, one being a Princess Tea Party for a child’s birthday. We provide a turnkey experience where the only thing the parent has to do is open the door when we arrive. We take it from there!

I pay close attention to every detail in any party or event I put together (right down to the heart-shaped pats of butter), even if it is for a three-year-old child. The table and chairs are the appropriate height and size. They get real linens, china, silver, and even a bouquet of real flowers. Each child also receives a complete individual birthday cake to celebrate the occasion.

On this occasion excitement was in the air as we entered the client’s home to begin setting up the tea party. I always ask that the birthday child not be present during preparations – that way the child can walk in and see the finished product! The tables we use are a bright Big Bird yellow so I always get a confused look from parents while we are unloading. Then comes the linen table cloths, chair covers with tulle bows and flowers attached to the back of each chair. At this point the parents are getting really happy and that confused look disappears. Then we bring out the child-size real china and real silver at each place setting – yes even for kids. Then we arrange the food and a bouquet of flowers to complete the table. By this time my client is usually on the phone calling friends and saying, “You have to come see this!”

I had the children for two hours and had many fun things planned to celebrate Mary Edith’s special day. We even had Princess Beth on the scene to share a Royal Storytime. All the little girls were so well-mannered and had the best time!

How would you like to re-create this experience for your child? Download my Princess Tea Party Guide and get step-by-step instructions for how to plan, setup and execute this two-hour event just like a professional event planner!

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