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Etiquette Party (Part 5)

June 28, 2008

The last part of the Etiquette Party was the craft. I had the girls make a pillow to carry home with them. I always try to incorporate a craft that will last and that the children can have for years to come as a keepsake.

We lined up three twelve-foot tables, covered them with white tablecloths, and placed the crafts in an orderly manner for each girl. To bring in some height on this side of the room I incorporated balloons. I feel no party for children is complete unless it has a few balloons! 🙂 I also used two fairies we use at The Gingham Patch to bring in a bit of whimsy. I placed one on each side of the green plant. The setup was perfect and simple and allowed the girls to socialize with their new friends while making their pillows. They had the best time and I think this was a night the girls will not soon forget!

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