The Gingham Patch

Brownie Day at
The Gingham Patch

June 5, 2007

This week The Gingham Patch is celebrating Brownie Day at the Farmers Market. This year we have gone all out! We have made so many brownies this week that I have starting dreaming about brownies. We have come up with fourteen different kinds of brownies and we offer free samples for people to try.

The original brownie recipe dates back to 1896 found in a Boston Cooking School Cookbook described as a molasses cake baked in individual pans. Thank goodness someone came along and threw in a lot of chocolate! Brownies became popular in the 1920’s, coinciding with the mass production, availability, and affordability of chocolate.

Brownie Day is always a huge hit for The Gingham Patch. Along with all the other treats we offer I think this week we have something to cover most people tastes or desires!

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