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Etiquette Party (Part 2)

June 25, 2008

My team and I arrived and began to set up. Everything came together very well and excitement started to fill the air! For the center table (which was the focal point) I made a tall flower topiary topped with tons of flowers, ivy, and ribbons. To make the table feel as if it filled the room, I tied ribbons from the top of the topiary and draped them to the chairs to give the look of a Maypole. The ribbon was then tied into bows and attached to each chair.

The four outside tables had tiers wrapped in ivy and flowers to carry the topiary look throughout the room. We created large hats covered with flowers and organza flowing down the back of every other chair and had it puddle somewhat onto the floor. Even though the tables and chairs were a bit large for children I think they still worked well!

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