Event Consulting

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[pullquote1 quotes=”true” align=”right” cite=”~ MP”]Karla’s party designs were customized to my specifications, right down to table sizes! They are so detailed that she even advised me on where items can be purchased, yet flexible enough for me to tweak according to my budget & taste. We received many compliments saying it was the best Eagle Scout ceremony & reception ever!

Event Consulting

Planning your own event sounds like a quick and easy way to save time and money. “After all,” you say to yourself, “How hard can it be?”

So you throw yourself into establishing a budget, planning the food, arranging the entertainment, figuring out the decorations, picking out and sending the invitations, and making decisions on a thousand-and-one other details.

Pretty soon, your stress level is rising and you’re not having fun anymore. That’s because most “do-it-yourself” occasions cause you undue stress and usually end up going over budget.

Karla has an easy, affordable solution.

Karla’s Event Consulting and Virtual ePlanning services gives you the professional ideas and advice you need without the more expensive cost of an Event Planner doing everything for you.

Just answer a few questions from Karla, and she’ll put together a simple do-it-yourself event blueprint! You’ll get a complete plan with pictures and easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions for putting everything together so you can stay worry-free and on-budget. You will receive:

  • Help putting together a realistic budget (and sticking to it);
  • Advice on how to decorate the room for the occasion;
  • Ideas for tables, centerpieces, and placement;
  • Food, appetizer, and menu selection;
  • Every other detail you need to make your event run as smooth as silk.

Karla provides consulting services in person (if you are in the Rochester, New York area). Otherwise, all consultation takes place via email, so you tap into her expertise from anywhere in the world – anytime you need help putting together your very special event!

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