Happy Birthday Sherlock

January 5, 2012

January 6th is the birthday of Sherlock Holmes so I decided to create a tablescape in his honor.I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes. I am especially fond of the newest Sherlock and Watson series the BBC puts out. They are so well written and they bring the traditional characters alive, but with a modern twist. At the end of each season it leaves you wanting more.

I started with a picture of Sherlock’s desk as my inspiration. Visiting a local antique shop I was able to pick up many items to use. The only items I could not find were a Calabash pipe and his deerstalker cap. Luckily we have the Internet at our fingertips where you can find anything. I ordered these items which completed my search.

I assembled the table with all my newly found items. I also added a few pictures of Sherlock and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the antique frames.

For some entertainment I printed a few trivia questions on parchment-looking paper, tied them with a ribbon, and sealed them with wax to give an authentic aged look. Taking turns we went around the table asking the trivia questions which allows everyone to take part. This is always a fun way to entertain everyone at dinner.

Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of the table as much as I did creating it. Happy Birthday Sherlock!

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