A Renaissance Party
for Princess Brittney

December 4, 2010

It’s party time again! Brittney is celebrating another birthday and this time I went with a Renaissance theme!

With snow piling up outside, we made use of our basement again. We made banners and flags to line the driveway and my husband lit them up with spotlights. For the “castle” itself I started with a medieval field stone backdrop and completely covered the basement walls. I ran yards of fabric to cover the ceiling, staggered with lights and balloons. Then I divided the space into different sections for entertainment and Brittney’s favorite games and tons of prizes to win. My dad made a guillotine for a photo opportunity, which was also great fun.

We included face painting, music, and dancing. And to keep our guests full and satisfied we spread a scrumptious royal feast and drinking goblets fit for a king. A royal good time was had by all!

(Sorry about some of the blurry pictures.)

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