Engagement Party

November 11, 2016

Our oldest daughter got engaged in October! Wanting to celebrate the occasion we gave them an Engagement Party. The theme had to be a fiesta as Mexican food is her absolute favorite. I thought I would share a few of the pictures with you.


Spring Brunch

March 26, 2016

Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Flowers are beginning to bloom, bees are buzzing around, the sun begins to warm the breeze, birds are singing their songs, trees are starting to put forth their leaves, everything is coming alive again.

I can’t think of a better time to host a brunch and celebrate this new season. My table is simple enough so that anyone can pull this off with almost anything you have available in your kitchen.

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Chinese Lantern Festival Outing

December 25, 2015

Being back in North Carolina has its advantages this time of the year. One being that December isn’t freezing cold with lake effect snow flying all around; and two, having to bundle up like Ralphy’s brother in The Christmas Story just to go outside.

Nope, December in North Carolina may be chilly at night but nothing that a jacket and cup of hot cocoa can’t fix. One thing for sure you can still enjoy outdoor outings. Continue Reading…


“Spring Has Finally Come” Tablescape

March 27, 2015

The winter here in upstate New York has proven to be one of the hardest and longest since we moved here five years ago. We have had snow, snow, and more snow. Many days the temperature had a hard time climbing past negative numbers. We have never experienced a winter this tough since we have lived here or ever in our lives – lol. The die-hard New Yorkers I have spoken to say this was a tough winter even for them. Hey, that made me feel a little better. Maybe I have toughened up a little since I arrived.

Now with the sun shining more and robins starting to arrive my heart is yearning for spring to hurry up and get here.

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