Spring Brunch

March 26, 2016

Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Flowers are beginning to bloom, bees are buzzing around, the sun begins to warm the breeze, birds are singing their songs, trees are starting to put forth their leaves, everything is coming alive again.

I can’t think of a better time to host a brunch and celebrate this new season. My table is simple enough so that anyone can pull this off with almost anything you have available in your kitchen.

First, think about your color scheme. Mine is green and white with pastels thrown throughout.

With that established, now move on to what will be your focal point: the centerpiece. I repeat the color scheme with the flowers (green, white, and yellow) to bring out the center of the daises.
The place mats add a touch of earthiness with a white plate – and again, the green and white color scheme in the napkins placed on top of the plates. I simply tied a white grosgrain ribbon around each napkin which is super simple to do. Add your silverware and glasses. Then, to fill in the center, I took egg cups, added a tiny bouquet to half, alternating the other cups with tea lights. To finish everything off I just tossed a few pastel Easter eggs all around. Make sure you don’t over do the eggs – you don’t want your guests to think it is the start of an Easter egg hunt.  You only need enough to give a splash of color.

And voila! You have an easy spring table ready for any meal to share with family and friends.

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