A Royal Proclamation
in Honor of Olive Ann

May 17, 2008

My trademark attorney contacted me a few weeks ago wanting to give his little girl a Princess Birthday tea party. Olive Ann will be tuning six and like many little girls her age Olive Ann loves princess “anything”. I was ecstatic and began to plan her royal birthday party that would make her princess for the day.

The weather has been wonderful here in North Carolina lately. Spring has arrived, the birds are singing their songs, and the sun is shining brightly. I’s a perfect time for a tea party!

As soon as we arrived excitement filled the air. It seems like the parents get more excited than the children. :o) We always get a lot of “Wow”s, and hear words like “elegant, pretty” and “over the top.” The surprised look on the parent’s faces usually says, “I really wish I had had a birthday party like that when I was a child!” And you know? Even though I am the one throwing these parties, I would have to agree – I wish I had a party like this when I was six years old!

At most of our children’s parties the host also books me to set up a tea service for the parents in a separate room. The parents start out in their room with their tea but they always end up back in our room watching the children and participating.

We so enjoyed Princess Olive Ann’s Royal Holiday of Celebration, Merry Making and Feasting with her and all her Loyal Subjects!

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