Luau Anyone?

December 5, 2008

Our first winter here in upstate New York has proven to be quite snowy and cold. We all had to buy New York coats as our North Carolina coats… well… they just didn’t cut it. It started snowing on October 31st and has yet to let up. With December being Brittney’s birthday I wanted to have a party so she could invite all her new friends she has met since we moved here in August. With all the snow and extremely low temperatures a LUAU came to mind! 🙂

I could not use the outdoors so I decided to turn a section of our basement into a Hawaiian oasis for her Luau Party. My first step was to create a backdrop. I purchased a large roll of white paper, then my girls and I began to paint the scenery.

Next I gathered whatever I could find from our usual beach trips: chairs, umbrellas, towels, boogie boards etc. Then I ordered a few Luau-themed items to bring everything together. I painted a couple of tiki men and used Christmas lights to light them up. I also used Christmas lights to light up the unfinished basement ceiling.

Outside, I had lanterns lighting the way to the front door. When the girls arrived they shed their coats and boots and donned grass skirts and flip flops. You should have seen the look of surprise on their faces when they came down the steps and saw everything! While the snow was falling outside, we all had a wonderful, sunny time inside.

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