Easter Brunch

March 21, 2015

This year was my turn to host the annual Easter brunch for the Lady’s Book Club. Whoever hosts the brunch does not have to prepare the main food courses. I only have to decorate the table and prepare fresh fruit and drinks, which is nice. Everyone else brings the food.

Since all my focus will be on the table I thought it would be nice if I put together a floral arrangement for the occasion. I chose pink roses with purple irises and a few peach peonies to work with. After the long Northern winters, spring is like a breath of fresh air. New York has some of the most beautiful peonies and iris’s growing in peoples yards I have ever seen. I guess the climate is perfect for them as they are very showy for sure.

You will notice Cody the cocker spaniel we adopted this year napping under the table with his Easter bunny ears. He is so funny because he actually loves wearing those things.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and it inspires you in some way. Happy Easter!

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