Newest Member of Our Family

April 15, 2013

Today I have some exciting news! This past Sunday we rescued the newest member of our family. We adopted the most wonderful, gentle, cuddliest cocker spaniel anyone could ever want. His name is Cody and he wanted to share his story with you. I am sure you too will fall in love with this cutie just as we did.

Hey everyone! My name is Cody. I started my life with a terrible man who did not take care of me. He would leave me tied outside in any weather and you know how cold it can get in upstate New York. He would also beat me for no reason. I don’t know why he didn’t like me. One day he got tired of me and called the pound to pick me up. He pretended like I was a stray dog and acted like he didn’t even know me.

A lady showed up and took me to a shelter where no one wanted me. I was so sad. My only friend was my blue ball the lady gave me when she put me in that crate to bring me to the shelter. I kept hearing people talk about my time was running out. I still am not sure what they were talking about.

One day a nice lady named Marie came to visit me from The Little Shelter Sanctuary. I was told she came to rescue me. She runs a no-kill sanctuary for animals. I was happy to see her but really scared because I don’t trust humans anymore. Marie and her friends took good care of me and gave me lots of love. I stayed with them for four weeks then they thought it was time for me to find a forever home.

They put my picture on the internet and the next thing I know the Brogdens came to visit and brought me back home with them. I really like it here. They play with me and give me lots of love. I am learning that not all humans are bad and I can trust the Brogdens. Karla stays home with me all day and we play games, go for walks, and I get to eat snacks. Plus I have lots of toys that are all mine. Chip and Brittney come home in the afternoon and I get lots more attention and love. I met Beth but she had to go back to college; she said she would come back and see me soon.

I think I am really going to like it here. I now have a warm bed, food in my stomach, lots of neat toys to play with, and get lots of love and attention. Here are some pictures of me. I have been told I have a cute little face. :0)



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