Garden Club Picnic: Reveal

May 22, 2013

Today was the day to set up the Picnic theme tablescape up for my Garden Club. Since I had spent time at home working through the mock up this made it so much easier for me to quickly set everything up.

All the ants you see in the pictures, I made from jingle bells and painted them black. A little wire and wahlaa you have an instant ant that can be invited to a picnic. Everyone wanted to know how to make these!

The focal point dessert was the cake. I made a “Dirt Cake” and served it in a flower pot. I added a few gummy worms to bring it alive and used a trowel to serve it. This was a huge hit.

Instead of just stacking water bottles on the table I used a round picnic basket lined with a plastic container to hold ice. Lemonade was served in my glass beehive.

The centerpiece tree, I took a branch and glued dogwood flowers all over it. I also added real looking birds scattered though out. The fresh flowers made the table come alive. The “fill ins” were garden inspired items.

I was extremely pleased with how it turned out. From all the comments, I don’t think this is a table that will soon be forgotten. It was so much fun!!

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