St. Patrick’s Day & The REAL Corned Beef

March 17, 2014

Growing up in North Carolina my St. Patrick’s Day consisted of “you better wear green so you don’t get pinched.” Once I moved to New York I found out there is a LOT more to this day.

Here they have parades, turn the water green, paint a green stripe down the road… just to mention a few. An abundance of cabbage and potatoes start to show up in the grocery store around this time, too.

What I love most about St. Patrick’s Day is corned beef. I was never a big lover of corned beef and I had never cooked corned beef until I moved to New York. Looking back I guess my only experience with this dish came from a can called Corned Beef Hash. We really thought we had something, lol. Well, guess what? There is a whole other world to corned beef out there – and it doesn’t come in a can. I have discovered it!!

St. Patrick’s Day has become a day the Brogden household looks forward to. Yes, we still wear green (of course) but our new found love of “The Real Corned Beef” is the highlight.

This year I went all out with a tablescape to help celebrate. While the aromas of corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and onions filled the air I worked on this tablescape. Enjoy!

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