High Tea Anyone?

July 20, 2014

A lot of people ask me about “High Tea” when I cater tea parties. What exactly is it? Who was it for? What foods were served? So I thought I would post a little information on this subject today to hopefully answer your questions.

Most tea rooms offer a variation of the traditional Afternoon Tea. Afternoon Tea was mainly created for a social event in the 1800’s. It was considered a lighter meal and was served to hold one over until dinner, which was served around 8:00 pm.

Traditional High Tea was a necessary meal in the 18th and 19th century for the working class who didn’t have the pleasure of enjoying an Afternoon Tea. This was their main meal of the day, and it was not a dainty affair. Usually it consisted of meats, vegetables, and cheese – followed by cakes or pies, bread, butter, jam and a mug of tea to wash it all down. More like our dinner time now.

As far as where the name came from there really isn’t a clear answer. High Tea was eaten at a table instead of the comfortable low-style chairs or sofas where Afternoon Tea was enjoyed. So maybe eating at a “high” table (hence the name).

Today there are no hard, fast rules. Whether you enjoy High Tea, Afternoon Tea, or just a cup of tea, the idea is to take some time out to experience the joys of tea, food, and friends.

One lump or two? :0)

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