Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion
Flower Show (Part 1 of 6)

September 11, 2013

A few days ago a member in my Garden Club approached me to enter the Sonnenberg Gardens Fall Pleasures Flower Show. The competition consists of ten participating clubs.

I looked over the entries I was interested in with a choice of a traditional table arrangement, a flower stand arrangement, or a traditional mantel arrangement. I went with the mantle arrangement thinking this would be the best choice for me. I have decorated many a mantle for Christmas and weddings over the years.

I did have a few guidelines to follow. The arrangement would be for the “Great Hall” mantel, the height 54” high and 114” wide by 14” deep and the design height would be unrestricted. The design had to be built from all fresh plant material and must be dominant. So I scheduled an appointment to take pictures of the mantel and begin to plan my arrangement…

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